Top 8 celebrities who windsurf

Guy Fletcher and Alan Clark from Dire Straits are well known for their passion of windsurfing. Guy and Alan learnt back in 1984 whilst recording the album ‘brothers in arms’ in Montserrat.

Top 8 celebrities who windsurf
Sting windsurfing, source; (Bauer Griffin)

In the late 1970’s one in three households in Europe owned a windsurfing board, however some windsurfers are more famous than others. With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to talk about the top 8 celebrities who windsurf, but in no particular order.
Enrique Iglesias

Enrique first started windsurfing after moving to Florida in the 80’s. At that time he did many watersports, however his real passion was windsurfing! Enrique used to spend his summers in Hawaii, sleeping in a shack by night and windsurfing by day whist on holiday. In 2007 Enrigue said in an interview with Benjamin Lawrence of the independent; “Windsurfing. I don’t do it any more, but I used to be pretty good at it. It’s the only sport you could say I dominate. At my level of windsurfing I do, anyway.”
Guy Fletcher and Alan Clark

Guy Fletcher and Alan Clark from Dire Straits are well known for their passion of windsurfing. Guy and Alan learnt back in 1984 whilst recording the album ‘brothers in arms’ in Montserrat. According to Guy’s website they both learn’t with what turns out to be windsurf instructor to the stars – David Sweeny.

On Guy website there is a great story about his experience of windsurfing with a grey wale, floundering in shark infested waters, and having a near miss with a supertanker as one of his first experiences!

An earlier student of David Sweeny’s was Sting, who also learnt on the island of Montserrat in 1982, whilst recording Synchronicity.

Although not as keen as Guy or Alan, Sting still windsurfs whilst on holiday. The image we have, is of Sting windsurfing whilst on his holiday yacht with wife Trudie Styler in the French Riviera. (August 5, 2009 – Source: Bauer Griffin)
Bo Derek

Actress, movie producer and model, Bo Derek originally raced Hobie 16’s with friends. However whilst on a photo shoot at Lake Powell in Colorado she learnt to windsurf and loved it. Apparently she bought a couple of boards, but we are not sure how much more she did after.
John Kerry

Senator John Kerry loved spending his holidays windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Cycling or Skiing. His windsurfing exploits were most famously highlighted during the 2004 presidential campaign against Bush. However this was not in a positive light, with Bush’s camp playing a 30 second advert implying that Kerry shifts his position on policy “whichever way the wind blows”, this advert in part led to sinking Kerry’s campaign.
Martina Navratilova

After retiring from Tennis, Martina Navratilova took up a host of other sports including windsurfing and sailing. It appears that she had quite a passion for the sport as when interviewed by ASAP in 1994 on whether she was going to coach anyone and would it exclude other things, she replied “it is not going to keep me from windsurfing and snowboarding, or keep me from going to Africa on a safari”
Juan Pablo Montoya

Juan Pablo, is a famous Nascar driver who in his spare time loves to windsurf. Originally from Colombia He is now based in Miami’s Biscayne Bay where he is regularly seen on the water.

Juan regularly tweets, and talks about his passion for the sport in interviews with the press.
Danny Sweeny

Although not technically a celebrity himself, he has probably taught more famous people than any other instructor! As well as Guy, Alan and Sting, David has reputedly taught musicians including; Mike Huckenell, Neil Peart of Rush, and members of Duran Duran to name a few.

If you could email us at, we will put them in order of popularity! In addition we would love to hear of any celebrities that we have missed…