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Bodrum Nightlife Guide | Shopping | Bars | Restaurants

Bodrum Nightlife Guide | Shopping | Bars | Restaurants
Halicarnas Disco

Bodrum is well worth a visit in the evenings, on this page we have included a guide to the best things to do from our own experiences.

Bars are always changing but our favourite is the Adamik bar. It isn't worth visiting before 11.30pm, however after this time there is a great DJ playing classic rock tunes! Another is Korfez bar, which similar to the Adamik but does get busier.

Kule bar is a firm favourite! This bar is always packed in summer, is a great place to dance and plays great rock music!

The Mavi Bar in Bodrum also shouldn't be missed. Set in a typical Bodrum Stone house and covered with bougainvillea. The Mavi Bar has a great atmosphere, regularly featuring good musicians playing anything from covers of Muse to classic jazz.
Bodrum Nightclubs and Nightlife

The Catamaran nightclub boat is located next to the Bodrum's Castle and is a great night. The dance floor is covered in glass and you can see the water churning beneath your feet whilst you dance. The DJs favour commercial dance music but whatever your taste you will have a fun night out. The Catamaran sails out at 1am to 4am and there is a commuter boat should you get there late or want to leave early.

If your looking for bars/clubs that play cheesy music, then the best ones are; Fora, Temple and the White house, all of which offer good prices on beer and DJ's that are spinning hard core cheese!

In high season (July and August) the Amphitheatre and the castle in Bodrum play host to many classical concerts.
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Bodrum Restaurants

Our favourite restaurant in Bodrum is Sungar Pizza which has a great roof terrace in the harbour, where you can watch the sunset over the castle. The range of food is vast and the standard and price are excellent; which is why we have been going there for years.

If you are a steak fan there is a brilliant steak house, situated between the Mavi bar and Halikarnasis night club. Here, the owner chooses chooses the best cuts, and cooks your steak to perfection.

For fast food, Bodrum has plenty of options, it is well worth visiting one of the Pide (Turkish pizza) cafes or enjoying some soup at the end of an evening in the central square near to the Fora bar.

There are a vast number of cafes which serve great pastries and cakes. These are mostly situated in the first harbour near to the Dolmus station.

Bodrum Shopping

Due to the heat, the best time to do your shopping is at night. The shopping in Bodrum is excellent, with a great range of well known names like Marks & Spencer and Quicksilver, as well as independent accessory and jewellery shops running parallel to the sea.

Most shops are open until midnight, offering great deals on gold, leather, natural sponges, sandals and carpets

The Oasis centre near to Bodrum and Gumbet, is also worth visiting. In the Oasis centre there is a huge range of top branded shops, cafes and restaurants including a great Chinese restaurant located next to the Oasis cinema. There is also a jazz bar and a bowling ally to keep you entertained.


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