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How to Power Gybe

How to Power Gybe
How to Power Gybe

However here in this Blog, we will tell you the 4 best tips to success in this maneuver!

How to Power Gybe

Power Gybe, is also refered to a Step Gybe, or in general a Carve Gybe. This is one of the most popular manoeuvres and a major aim for most windsurfers, apart from the Loop.

A lot of windsurfers, even those who have been doing the sport for years, struggle with their Gybes. The reason for this is due to the technical nature of this maneuver.

Technical knowledge, combined with practice is essential for success. However once you can do it you will feel an immense feeling of satisfaction and always remember that first Carve Gybe!

There are many parts to the learning the Gybe, and its best if you watch one of the many videos on youtube for guidance, before paying for a private or group lesson whilst on holiday.

However here in this Blog, we will tell you the 4 best tips to success in this maneuver!

1. Prepare yourself and have lots of speed before going into the turn!
2. Make sure your mast hand is as close as possible to the mast!
3. Get low, lean forwards and push through your knees!
4. Look forwards throughout the turn and on the exit!
5. Practice in all conditions!

Things to practice!

1. Look forwards in every part of your windsurfing, try to get out in low winds and mess around, concentrate on your vision.
2. Practice Boom to Boom, again get out there in light winds, don't just chill on the beach, enjoy windsurfing with your mates, mess around your boards.

Once you have succeeded at your Carve Gybe, then you can give it a go at following;

Speed Gybe, one handed Gybe
Laydown Gybe
Stall Gybe
Slam Gybe
Duck Gybe
Reverse duck Gybe, duck Gybe piroquette
Aerial duck Gybe
Backwind Gybe, onehanded back hand Gybe
Monkey Gybe
Reverse monkey Gybe



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